Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, pressed down, shaken, overflowing, they will give you generously; for with the measure with which you have measured, they will measure you also."

Luke 6:38 

Thoughts: God established the principle of planting and harvesting in all aspects of life, in nature it is very evident, we can see the planting of a seed and the way it is born and multiplies giving its fruit. The same principle holds true for the resources the Lord has given us to manage and also to share. Generosity is a gift from God, when we bless someone we are practicing love, God rejoices in it and pours a good measure on us, shaken, repressed and overflowing!!!

Prayer: Dear Father, teach me to live this principle every day of my life, show me how I should bless people, pour the Holy Spirit on me to win souls for your kingdom and may I be an instrument in Yours hands, send me to the nations and may many souls come to know your love. I pray in Jesus' name.