"For you formed my interior, you wove me in my mother's bosom." 

Psalm 139: 13 

Thought: You are not the product of an assembly line, you were deliberately planned, specially trained, lovingly put into this world by the creator himself. God dreamed of you, and He wanted you to be just as you are, before God's eyes you are perfect, even your sins are covered by the precious blood of Jesus. The Lord has a purpose for your life, he did not bring you into the world by chance, try to get to know yourself and seek intimacy with God so that He will show you the will for your life.

Prayer: Dear Father, thank you for your love and for your care in planning every detail of my life. I know that the Lord has a dream for my life, reveals every day what his purpose is and makes sure his will is fulfilled. I desire that my ways be Your ways, and that I seek intimacy like the Lord more and more. I pray in the name of Jesus. BELIEVE IT, Amen.