For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life because of me will find it.

For what good will it do for man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Or, what can man give in exchange for his soul? 

(Matthew 16: 25-26)

Lose to win 

Have you ever lost anything of value? We deal with small losses on a daily basis. Sometimes we miss the time to enter work or school, we miss the time of transportation, we watch the losses of the team of the heart, we lose money, documents or some important object ... Anyway, we all face, to some extent, losses in our life. And it's good to learn to deal with them. But, what about when we lose something very valuable?

Jesus in these verses alerts us to a loss that is both good and necessary: ​​losing your life because of Christ. In the eyes of the world, when we accept Jesus, we are renouncing all "independence" that we would have without Him. For many, to live without self-government is madness, it is to lose life. But there is no point in "winning the whole world and losing your soul". This will only be safe if you are with Jesus Christ. Surrender to Jesus and gain full Life with God!

 Losing to make a living!

- Losing means giving yourself totally to God and living according to His Word. Thus, we earn much more than anything we can imagine. 

- Pray and give yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ. With Him your life will have meaning and purpose! - The pleasures and riches of the world are momentary and superficial. Do not exchange everything you can enjoy with the Lord for trivial and worthless things for eternity. 

- Read Psalm 73. Don't be jealous of the way the worldly (without Christ) lives or what they have. It may seem that they are happy, but their life is empty, without real hope and their joy is fleeting. 

- To lose what seems to be in your control by giving it to Christ, is to gain eternal life and all the grace that comes with Jesus (Romans 8:32). 

- Share with others that the biggest advantage we can get out of this life is to use it to know more about Jesus Christ. It may seem that we are losing, but that will make us have the biggest gain ever! 

To Pray: 

Lord, I sometimes observe the lives of those who do not know you and it seems that they are advancing more and having more joy than your children. Help me not to be envious of the infidels! I know that it is not true, because they have no faith, no hope, nor the greatest Love that comes from You. Thank you for having delivered You on the cross, for having received my life and for taking care of everything for me. I want to leave my life in Your hands every day, in the name of Jesus! Amen.