" Those who love your law enjoy peace, and there is nothing to make them stumble. "

Psalm 119: 165

Have you ever received a love letter? It may seem that it is not very fashionable, but the letter is still a simple and surprising tool to communicate. Whoever receives it, moved by joy and curiosity, wishes to carefully read and reread every word of the message, as he recognizes the dedication of the one who wrote it. Undoubtedly, it is exciting when there is reciprocity of the feelings of the sender and receiver of the letter. And you, would you like to receive the best love letter of your life? The Holy Bible is God's love letter to humanity in general and to you in particular. In it, the Lord reveals himself by showing the wonderful way in which he offers love, peace and life to each one of us. Find out for yourself! On each page you will enjoy comfort and security in the greatest Love you can receive in your entire life ... 

Reread your love letter today: 

- Read the Word of God considering it as a love letter from God for you.

- Develop love for the Lord and for the sacred letters every day.

- With attention and pleasure from a heart in love with Law of God, reread and reflect on everything the Father desired and wants to speak to you daily.

- As you read each passage, pray and ask the Lord what He wants to teach you through that passage.

- Participate in Bible studies, Bible school and services to deepen your knowledge of the Bible.

- If you do not understand any text read, search * or talk to a more mature brother in the faith to help you with your doubts. 

To Pray: 

Lord God, thank you very much for the most valuable message in all of history sent to us. I thank you for your word and for the way you have revealed yourself to humanity. Teach me to spend time and appreciate the Bible every day of my life, recognizing that through it I can know Your love and follow Jesus Christ. Help me to love Your Word and live in peace, always trusting in what the Lord says. In the name of Jesus, amen ...