Having run out of wine, Jesus' mother said to him, "They have no more wine." Jesus replied, "What do we have in common, woman? My hour has not yet come." His mother told the servants, "Do whatever he says." 

John 2: 3-5

 The hosts of that ceremony faced a problem: the party had already started, the guests were present, the bride and groom and family were celebrating, but the wine was gone. The wine at the wedding parties of that time was like the cake at our birthday parties: it was essential. The wine symbolized joy, and not offering it could seem disregarded by the guests. 

Mary reacted to the dilemma of lack of wine by turning to Jesus. He responded to her with the authority of one who knows that he is not subject to his mother's instructions. He would act at the right time and according to His Heavenly Father's will. But  Mary ended up giving the servants good advice: "Do whatever He tells you to do!" They obeyed Jesus and watched a great miracle: water turned into excellent wine.

Untie the "knots" of life by obeying Jesus

- Identify your problem. It is the first step to take to resolve it.

- Pray to God! Whenever you face a daily problem, present it to Jesus.

- Trust and wait on him. Submit to God's will and time. He wants to help you.

- Seek to hear the Word of the Lord (read, meditate and apply it in your life).

- Obey! Do what He says and you will see Him work for you.

To Pray: 

Lord my God, thank you because you always help me in my daily dilemmas ... Help me to deliver all my problems into Your hands, trusting that the Lord does Your will in my life, in Your precious time. You are a God of miracles! Teach me to obey You in everything you command and teach in Your Word! In the name of Jesus, I ask you. Amen!