"Brothers, I don't think I have achieved it myself, but one thing I do: forgetting the things that are left behind and moving on to those that are ahead, I proceed to the target in order to win the prize of God's heavenly calling in Christ Jesus."

(  Philippians 3: 13-14 )

End of the year is always a time for celebration, but there are times that it is not always so. For many, thinking about the next year can cause discouragement: 'whatever makes every year the same'. Not everyone reacts the same way with the expectation of a new year. 

The best way to break discouragement is to open up to God. There is nothing better than opening your heart, exposing your expectations before the "turn of the year". God is merciful to hear us and just wants us to do that. Only the Holy Spirit is able to calm us and comfort us. Allow yourself to be comforted by the Holy Spirit!

Be honest with yourself and recognize how much God has done in your life. Stimulating a grateful heart takes the burden off us. Being alive is a gift from God and the new year is an opportunity to do great things in the Lord. This year do it differently, make a sincere covenant with God. 

With Christ every year is a new year! The best was not in the past, the best is yet to come. Leave what is left behind, do not use the past as a reference to block your future. Your future belongs to God, everything He has prepared for it will glorify His name and do us good.

Prepare your heart to live the new

Talk to God, put your anguish and anxiety in his hands. Prayer helps us as an outlet and God wants to hear us. Let's talk to Him.

Read God's word and see its promises. God has promised great things to anyone who walks according to his Word. Stay firm and persevering, this year can be the year of God's favor in your life.

Don't condemn your future with murmuring words. Rather, prophesy in good words.

To Pray: 

Lord Jesus, this year I want to do something different. Do Your will in my life, you have the best for my life. Only You are able to act in the impossible. In your promises I reassure and rejoice, for you are faithful and bless those who love you. Amen