The first Joseph named Manasseh, saying, "God has made me forget all my suffering and all my father's house." To the second son he called Ephraim, saying, "God has made me prosper in the land where I have suffered." 

Genesis 41:51-52 

- Theme of movies, series, cartoons and books, the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob who was governor of Egypt is well known. Despite being popular, what many forget is that Joseph's story wouldn't have been the same if he didn't trust the Lord. Certainly the life of the "prince of Egypt" would have been a great misfortune without the presence of the true God. All the suffering and agony would have made him give up everything...

- The fact is that even though he was abandoned by everyone, sold by his brothers, betrayed, unjustly imprisoned, forgotten in prison, he knew that God would never abandon him. When Joseph named his sons, he witnessed what the goodness and grace of the Lord did in his favor: he was able to forget his past suffering, not harbor grievances against his family and prosper in the land where he suffered. Also dare to trust God in the midst of problems. You will see and witness His miracles in your life.

Believe today, despite difficult circumstances: 

- Pray, giving thanks for Joseph's example of faith, and like him, surrender control of your life to God.

- Ask God to help you forgive and forget everything you suffered in the past.

- Believing involves full trust in God, who is good and merciful. Trust and wait (with patience) in God, He does not abandon you, even in afflictions.

- To believe with all your heart you need to know Him. Seek to develop a true friendship with Jesus.

- Do not murmur or fight with those who have hurt you. Forgive and take everything to God in prayer. He is the righteous judge and can use this affliction to bless many.

- Continue to work and serve God with gratitude, in His time He will repay you.

To Pray: Beloved God, You know and know the affliction I have experienced. I continue to believe and wait in the Lord, in Your miracle. Help me through all this honoring the Lord, as your servant Joseph did. Teach me to love and forgive those who have wronged me. Bless me and make me prosper in difficulties, so that I can glorify you and always testify to your goodness and your immense love. In Jesus name, Amen!