Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the hard days come and the years draw near when you will say, "I have no satisfaction in them"; 

Ecclesiastes 12:1 

The warning to remember God during youth does not mean that young people are more forgetful than children or the elderly. But that, as young people, we have a natural tendency to become autonomous. Youth is a time when we feel strong, capable and self-confident. And this is not about age, but about the disposition of the heart. This autonomy makes us more distant and independent from the Lord. It tends to turn our hearts away from Jesus. The Bible invites us to remember God, to give Him special attention at all stages of life. Even when everything is going well, we need to give love and disposition to the Lord. Because the hard days come... And in these, as in the good times, let us not be petty and self-serving, remembering God only when we need His help. But seeking Him at all times because we love Him with all our heart and truth.

Remember your Creator today

:- If you know that you have "forgotten" God at this stage of your life, this is the time to be reconciled with Him.

- Pray right now and ask the Lord for forgiveness for the days you were farther away from Him.

- He is God up close...Stipulate moments in your day or week to dedicate to God.

- Be firm and do not negotiate these moments.

- Seek to dedicate time daily to reading and studying the Bible and to stop praying.

- Invite and encourage other brothers to dedicate themselves more to God and His work.

To Pray: Dear Creator, I always want to have You in my mind and heart. Forgive me if there were times of forgetfulness when I turned away from You. Help me in all phases of my life to have the Lord first, and not forget You. In good or difficult times, may my heart be completely faithful and dedicated to the Lord. In Jesus' name, Amen!