The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the power that saves me, my high tower. 

Psalm 18: 2 

This psalm of David is a cry to the Lord. A man who has achieved so many victories and achievements in no time hesitated to say out loud that God was his rock! We see in David's life a deep love for God and the submission of a servant of God. 

Telling where he took refuge and to whom he turned did not make the king inferior or unprotected, on the contrary, confessing that God was his security strengthened him even more! Every time David proclaimed the name of the Lord and said out loud who his rock was, 

God poured out his favor even more. God blesses the one who recognizes his provision. This principle practiced by David moved the heart of God and leaves us with a great teaching: to worship the Lord with all strength, with deeds and words.

May our mouth worship the Lord and rejoice in his love for us! The more we love God, the more we are loved by Him, his protective power frees us from all evil. God is our refuge and strength, his word gives us even more comfort and security in our hearts. May this security be clear in our hearts.

Fear not, God is with you! God is our rock! Meditate on Psalm 18, see how powerful the words proclaimed by David were. Make a moment of prayer praising God for his greatness and strength. Talk about your safety in it.

To Pray: Sir! You are my shield, I am totally protected by You! You have given freedom and protection, even from things that are beyond my knowledge. Your power is sovereign and there is nothing and no one who can rise up against You! For that I praise and adore you, my God! Amen!