" Celebrate the Lord with joy, all lands. Serve the Lord with joy, come before him in song."

Psalm 100: 1-2

 Is serving God with joy a goal in your life? The psalmist in Psalm 100 encourages us to worship the Lord with enthusiasm and satisfaction. We are also encouraged to serve God with praise, fear (Ps. 2:11), pleasantly, willingly (Eph. 6: 7). We know that serving God is no longer an obligation on our endless list of tasks, but a privilege and honor!

We don't serve to be saved, but we serve because we were saved by Jesus! This should change our attitude towards God and people. Some are always demanding that God serve them (as they determine!) And always want others to do everything for them. Remember: you have been saved to serve!

Greater is what SERVE (Mt 23:11)! Jesus set an example for us by becoming a servant, came to meet the unclean, washed the feet of the disciples ... He also washed our hearts with dirt ... Be more like Him: serve God with fear, serve the others with love.

Serving with love:

- God gave us Life for a purpose! Look around you, there is a lot to do! 

- Pray and make yourself available to serve! God has a lot to do in everyone through us! 

- Everything you do at home, at work, school or at church should be done as if it were done for God. Dedicate yourself to every service you do. Be the best for the glory of God! 

- Do good, be rich in good works, generous in giving and ready to share (cf. 1 Tim. 6:18) 

- Do your best for God! Pray, praise, help, witness, share, work, encourage, teach, in short: be a good and faithful servant. 

To Pray: Lord God, help me to serve the Lord with satisfaction and my neighbor with all generosity. Teach me to be productive in the service of Christ and in the good works you have prepared for me. Always give me humility to serve You and others with the gifts you have given me. May I have empathy and be more like Jesus, who denied Himself and served us, for the enlargement of Your Kingdom. I thank you for all this, in the name of Christ, amen!