In peace I lie down and soon I fall asleep, because only you, Lord, make me live safely. 

Psalm 4: 8 

David went through countless difficult times in his life, from facing beasts, the giant Goliath, armies, King Saul, to being chased by his own son, Absalom. 

And when we go through difficult stages, what are the most common attitudes we reveal? Loss of sleep? Discouragement, frustration? Despair? 

In this psalm, David reveals a completely different attitude. In the face of great difficulties, serious problems or threatening enemies: he rested in God. David's heart overflowed with peace and security because he trusted fully in the Lord, who is in control of all things. So he could sleep in peace and tranquility ...

 How can I sleep in peace today?

- Pray to the Lord by giving your worries, problems and difficulties to Him. 

- Believe that only God can guarantee a safe life for you.

- Read the Bible and discover how God's protection is permanent over His children.

- Have faith and trust that Jesus takes care of you!

To Pray: 

Lord, thank you so much for your care and protection on this day. I trust that I am safe with you, because You are greater than all threats and problems that arise. It helps me to rest and rest in peace, believing that you take care of me at all times. Amen.