I always give thanks to my God for you, because of the grace you received from him in Christ Jesus. 1 

Corinthians 1:4

 In this verse, we can see the concern of the apostle Paul to encourage his brothers. The church in Corinth was in trouble, but Paul's attitude was surprising: he begins the epistle thanking God for the lives of the brothers in that region. 

Paul had a grateful heart because he knew that Jesus died for them too. If God has poured out his grace on them, why not continue to be a channel of blessing in building up the brothers?

The apostle understood that every good seed needs care: it needs to be watered, pruned, and then bear fruit. Despite the failures of the brothers in Corinth, Paul understood that in order to "prune" it was necessary for the seed to sprout and take shape. Caring is not just exhorting, but also giving thanks. 

Contribute by building your brother's faith! 

- Seek to build your brother's faith through the Word of God. Share the essential food of faith! 

- Encourage when necessary, but also rejoice in your brother's victories. 

- Spend time in your day interceding for your brothers. It will do your brother and you good. 

To Pray: 

Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for life (your brother's name). Your grace has reached him and I am grateful to You for this gift. May Your presence be even greater in his life. In Jesus' name, amen!