For the Lord's favorite people are this people, Jacob is his inheritance. In a desert land he found him, in an arid region with howling winds. He protected and cared for him; kept him as the apple of his eye,

Deuteronomy 32:9-10

 Today's verses are part of the well-known song of Moses. In it, we hear about God's protection that has us in His caring hands. He protects us like the pupil of His eyes. Have you ever thought about it? The pupil is a sensitive part of our eyes, which is constantly protected throughout the body. If something threatens our eyes, by reflex, the eyelids close, we turn our faces, protect with our hands, tears arise, etc. The whole body reacts to protect a small organ. This is an interesting illustration of how our God loves us in Christ and protects us completely, whatever our circumstances. If you trust your life solely and exclusively on the Lord, you are guarded in His mighty hands. Our help and protection comes from the Lord who created the heavens and the earth... He is powerful to give rest to your heart and protect you on the way, even if the path is difficult.

Protected by God as the apple of his eye 

- Meditate on this passage and reflect on God's protection. 

- Trust! God is superior to all things in this world, and He takes care of you! 

- Pray put your trust in the Lord's care for your life. 

- Give thanks constantly! God gives deliverances from things we can't even imagine! 

- Read and study the Bible. Seek to know Him more through His Word. The Lord protects you! He treats us with care, gives us grace, comfort and peace! believe! 

to Pray: Lord God, how good it is to know that You take care of our lives! Thank you for the protection you give us every day, every day! As the pupil of Your eyes, You guard us and defend us from the threats that arise... Help me to trust You more, Lord! You are a loving Father who cares for and delivers Your children in Jesus. Teach me to know you and love you more, by Your Word. In Jesus' name, amen!