"To this I cherish: to the humble and contrite spirit, who trembles at my Word" 

(Isaiah 66.2).

The Bible teaches a procedure that I must have in the face of what GOD says: I must TREMER. There is an event that happened to the Israelite people in the time of Moses. All the people were at the foot of Mount Sinai, and there, a great cloud of fire descended on the mountain bringing the presence of GOD. 

The Lord then made all those present to hear His voice, declaring the Ten Commandments to them. The presence of GOD declaring His Word to those people was so striking that everyone trembled and realized the greatness of GOD, saw His great power and were thus impressed and frightened. In Isaiah, GOD is going to define how a person who trembles before the Word of Him is humble. Humble is not the person who has low financial condition, nor the one who is humiliated by others, nor the one who does not know how to talk well, nor what lacks study and education. 

The humble is the one who recognizes that he is less, because there is someone who is superior to him. He recognizes and acts in a way that demonstrates this and, thus, starts to honor his superior. Humility is demonstrated when I see what the Holy Scriptures say and I reply: "Since GOD says so, then, this is what I will live for." This means that I recognize that the Word of GOD is the truth and I submit, I surrender, I place myself under that truth to accept and fulfill it. It really is "TREMER" to know that GOD is wiser than me. I recognize my humble condition there. HE is powerful and I am dependent on HIM. 

HE is great and I was raised by HE. HE guarantees what he says and I, many times, failed in what I said. HE sees the now and the after and, therefore, knows what to say, while I do not know the event of the next minute. HE has the power to make happen what HE said is going to happen and I can only trust that. In humility I tremble! I cannot lose humility and I cannot stop trembling before the greatness of GOD and His Word.