As are the mountains around Jerusalem, so the Lord is around his people from now and forever. 

(Psalm 125:2) 

THOUGHT: Sometimes we stop to think about the Christian walk and see God's faithfulness in our lives. In order for us to better understand what the psalmist is saying, the biblical geography of that context shows us that as the mountains are around Jerusalem - Hebrew, "Jerusalem - the mountains are around it." Jerusalem, except in the north, is surrounded by hills or mountains, so that although the city was built on hills - Zion, Moriah, Bezetah, Accra - it was itself surrounded by hills higher than any of them, and from in a way, it was felt, in a valley. See notes on Matthew 2: 1 . Compare the notes in Psalm 48:1-14. Just as Jerusalem is protected by the surrounding hills, so God's people are protected by the Lord. He surrounds the church; he is exalted far above the church; he guards church approaches; he can defend you from all your enemies. Under your protection, it's safe. Jerusalem, surrounded by hills and mountains, became an emblem of the church at all times; his safety was an emblem of the safety of all who trust in the Lord... 

PRAYER: 'Father, beloved and dear, in the name of Jesus, we place ourselves in your presence, thank you for saying that you are a refugee for your people, from now on and forever, we are here to do your will, in the name of Jesus. Amen.