* Phenomenon? * `` Matthew 1.18-25

 "The message of the cross is folly for those who are perishing, but for us, who are being saved, it is the power of God."

 (1Co 1.18)

A phenomenon is something that impresses, marks, fascinates and impacts us physically or morally. 

It escapes human understanding: it seems to be supernatural. Many artists and athletes have already been considered "phenomena" for standing out in a period of history with their achievements.

They are different people; even so, they cannot be compared to Jesus Christ. It is unsurpassed: 

it impacted a nation, then the entire world and continues to do so to this day. We can search through all historical records, but 

we will never find a god as loving and merciful as the Lord, who made heaven, earth, living beings and everything in the universe.

The man disobeyed his orders and broke his relationship with him because of sin (everything that displeases God). However, divine love is so great and unique that it even went so far as to send its son Jesus Christ to die in our place, forgive sins and give eternal life to everyone who believes in him (John 3:16). 

Jesus was also called Emmanuel, a Hebrew word that means "God with us". He was born of a virgin (Mt 1.23) and lived an exemplary life: he was obedient to the Father, humble, tolerant, wise, kind, just, among many other qualities. 

He never sinned; he endured lashes and humiliations in silence, even without any guilt. He gave himself out of love for us. On the cross, he took upon himself the pains and sins of humanity. If we believe in this and give our lives to him, we will have the opportunity to be with him forever when we leave this world.

Jesus was, is and will always be unparalleled and extraordinary: he knows each person by name, understands what we have been through, is ready to forgive us and loves us unconditionally. 

Read the highlighted verse again: is this message crazy to you or does it show the power of God? - LG "There is no phenomenon that compares to Jesus: he is unique and insurmountable ...