For the word of the Lord is true; he is faithful in everything he does. 

Psalm 33: 4

There is no true word like the Word of God! Living word that edifies and transforms us. In it we find the necessary source for our life and through it we can continue to bear fruit and grow in grace.

In a world full of false truths, fake news and strife, the Bible is our safe haven - despite being written for centuries - in it we find the true good news! Through His Word we can advance in faith in this dark world so full of traps. God's faithfulness brings us security and with this coverage we can move on without fearing evil.

Just as an airplane pilot in a storm is guided by instruments landing safely, we must use the Bible as our spiritual navigation instrument. His word guides us and brings us light in the dark. Even without knowing what will happen - because tomorrow belongs to Him - we must be guided by the Word and move forward in faith. Believe, God is faithful in everything he does! He loves us and everything that happens cooperates for the good of those who love God! 

Walking in the Truth:

- Make a Bible reading plan. 

- Make it a habit to read God's Word daily. The body needs to feed and the spirit too. 

- Put the Word into practice, try to exercise your faith in what you meditated. To be a Christian is to put faith into action. 

To Pray:

 Lord, Your Word builds my life. In it I find the source necessary to live. Your Word is true and I want to walk on Your truth. Even though you feel lost, when using your Word God, I find the direction. Thank you so much for your love. In the name of Jesus, amen