*Things that are impossible with man are possible with God.' 

Luke 18:27 

Thoughts: To get something from God that you never received, you need to do something for God that you never did. Truly surrender your heart to Him and believe. God is in control of everything. When we realize the great truth contained in the sentence we just read, we begin to live better. When we begin to understand that we cannot do everything, but that we can be and do the best with what God has given us, we stop walking with the shadow of defeats and frustrations. Believe in the goodness and power of Jesus. There are times when we can't solve our problems anymore, because they got too big. So I invite you to pray to Jesus giving your problem to Him and believe with all your heart and you will see changes in your life. 

PRAYER: I thank you with all my heart and with the certainty that your blessings will come into my life. Send your holy wisdom so that I can be a good steward over all that the Lord has given me and provided, for I know that You are wonderful and powerful and if we obey You and walk as You say in Your word, You will pour out Your blessings on we. I want to have the humility to accept Your will in my life and I thank You Lord, for all that You have done, . You who are reading, believe, even if your cause seems impossible, the word of God says that it is possible for him, GOD IS FAITHFUL, thank you for tufts, I pray in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen..