" Oh! May you bless me exceedingly and widen my borders, may your hand be with me, and preserve me from evil, so that no affliction may come upon me!"

1 Chronicles 4:10 

Thoughts: Jabes was the most illustrious of his brothers, he was blessed, his request was answered. He just prayed. Two things we must do in faith: Pray and ask. There are several forms of prayer, the one that adores, the one that thanks, the one that asks... We focus on the third one; every day we need something, so why not ask? When we do God's will, it's like depositing in the heavenly savings and at any time we can withdraw. So let's be bold like Jabes and ask for the blessings that belong to us, let's break all the curses, let's start a new History, with God in control. If we ask He gives, if we knock the door will open, let us remember that everyone who asks receives.

PRAYER: Lord, give me wisdom and intelligence. Give me boldness and simplicity. Give me the Fruit of the Spirit and I put on the armor of God. You are holy and good, just and faithful. As a child I'm not afraid to ask, because as a parent present, the Lord always answers me. Thank you for blessing me, for opening my ways, for always being with me, for helping me to escape evil, freeing me from affliction, for your son Jesus and for the Holy Spirit.